Beauty salon at home: beauty tools and accessories on Jiji.ng






Jiji can impress anyone with the diversity of functions it undertakes. It is a boutique with fashionable clothes, a pet store, a realtor’s office, a car showroom, a beauty salon. Who knows what it can become for you? But what we know for sure is that Jiji is the most convenient shopping spot in the country.


Jiji is a modern marketplace of completely new type. While remaining the same good old market, it uses all benefits provided by web technologies. Thus, shopping came from local to state level. The audience attracted by adverts keeps growing, when ads can be posted for free. Now everyone can get their own counter without even paying rent for it.


Jiji is a network helping people to communicate, to buy and sell stuff without any efforts. You can always be sure that every seller and buyer on the other side is a real person. All newcomers are checked and all sellers are verified. Jiji always takes care about users’ safety and security. It is the priority: Jiji is not a web store and it doesn’t sell things. Instead, it creates proper conditions and helps people to sell.


Among numerous categories, there is Health and Beauty, offering fragrance, skin care products, items for hair and beauty, dietary supplements. There is Beauty Tools & Accessories with combs, brushes, curlers, waist trimmers, blood pressure monitors, manicure kits. There is everything you may need to keep healthy and beautiful. Now creating a perfect look becomes easier, and taking care of your well-being is pleasant.


Jiji always comes to rescue and keeps surprising with new opportunities. This is probably the reason it has become shopping marketplace No.1 in Nigeria with over 530,000 active ads and more than 10,000,000 monthly visitors.



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