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How to choose the car depending on the purpose?


Almost everyone sooner or later comes to the thought that it is a good idea to buy a car, or to change the old one for a more new one or more comfortable. Of course, the process of buying a car is very individual and depends on a number of circumstances, such as the size of the purse, personal preferences, friends advice, the condition of roads in your region, the price, etc.

Used or new car?
The first criteria in the car choosing must be a decision whether to purchase a used or a new car. Unfortunately, the simple answer to this question can not be found. Even the experts and experienced car users often have different opinions, and therefore, the you must decide on your own, based on your requirements for the car and the intensity of its use. And to simplify this decision – visit Jiji! Here the question of price will not bother you!

What car to choose?
As you have already understood, the type of car should be elected based on our city/town/village and on the purpose of buying a car.
If you live in the city, a car must be capable of maneuvering in the flow easier, i.e. the car should be not too long. In addition, the large size vehicle will create additional difficulties in the parking.

For the residents who rarely travel outside the city and use small trunks, the hatchbacks are recommended. It is a compact, maneuverable little car that is easier to park in the narrow courtyard.


Sedan is usually a family-car, which is mostly used for driving around the city and sometimes to visit countryside. Cars of this type are feeled good both in the city and on the highway, thanks to the long base. Unfortunately, the poor roads are not suitable for this tupe of car because of the low ride height and a soft suspension.


If you have a large family, and you often have to drive several people with luggage, it is worth considering the option of a car with a wagon. It is a comfortable and very large vehicle and is a good helper when traveling out of the city for a vacation or a summer residence with the whole family and a bunch of items needed for the rest.


Jeeps and SUVs, as a rule, people are buying not only for the sake of convenience, security or to cross the country, but also in order to show their status. Consider whether you need a consumption of 15-17 liters per hundred km, often half-empty car, which is hard to find a parking space for?


Pick-up can be considered as, a small truck. In most cases, pickups are full-size SUVs with rear or all-wheel drive and a large open luggage compartment.
The main advantage of pick-ups is the ability to transport bulky cargo. Very useful vehicle for people who live in the country or who need to frequently carry a lot of stuff at once.


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