The main criteria for choosing SmartTV


With the Smart TV platform, your TV turns into a home multimedia center based on an operating system with the ability to play streaming video. It also supports the installation of additional applications to extend the functionality of the smart TV.

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Main selection criteria:

  • The size of the screen (its diagonal). Here the basic rule is the following: the larger the diagonal, the greater the distance between the viewer and the screen.
  • Display resolution. It is recommended to select a TV with “Full HD” (1080p).
  • Viewing angles should be as close to 180 degrees as possible.
  • Frequency of scanning – choose at least 200-400 Hz (shots per second).
  • Matrix type: LCD, LED or Plazma.
  • The presence of connectors (inputs and outputs) for maximum compatibility of the TV with all types of devices and signals.

How to connect to the Internet: is cable necessary?

We strongly recommend selecting a TV with Smart Wifi option in order to avoid having to pay for the Ethernet cable. To do this, you must have a pre-configured router. Moreover, the TV will become more mobile with Wifi!

Necessary software and expanding the capabilities of Smart TV

Ask what applications are included in the basic package, and whether it is possible to install new ones, as well as whether it is necessary to pay extra for the expansion of the functionality of the TV.

The model you selected should be perfectly compatible with various electronic devices like a tablet, smartphone, external hard drive or a gaming console.

Advantages of certain manufacturers:

  • «Smart HUB» gestures and voice recognition, free access to the storage of applications and movies (Samsung Apps), «sensitive» remote control.
  • Excellent technologies, protection from unauthorized use, access to Google services.
  • Advanced WebOS to support hundreds of useful applications, an additional remote control for the Internet.
  • Convenient search for entertainment content, online channel selection, multitasking support system.
  • Impeccable quality, wide range of applications.
  • Equipped with a WLAN module, easy to operate, the ability to create video recordings via Skype.
  • WLAN module, keyboard, a huge selection of applications.

Thus, taking into account these criteria, you will be able to choose the best Smart TV model within your budget!

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